Uitnodiging bijeenkomst prijzen 2021

De voertaal tijdens de bijeenkomst zal engels zijn,
daarom deze uitnodiging ook vast in die taal.

Meeting the winners of the 2021 Ranald MacDonald awards

Thursday, February 3, 17:00-18:15 CET



Meeting ID 843 1780 5211
Passcode 911730

The 2021 annual award goes to the Lytton Chinese History Museum
American fire historian Stephen J. Pyne wins Oeuvre award

The 2021 Ranald MacDonald Award has been granted to the reconstruction of the Chinese History Museum in Lytton, British Columbia, Canada, which was destroyed by wildfire.

Exceptionally, American fire historian Stephen J. Pyne will receive an oeuvre award for his unabating, groundbreaking and fine work on mankind and fire.

On February 3, 2022, Ranald MacDonald’s birthday, a Zoom meeting will be held, free for everyone to attend online. Foundation secretary Fred Dijs will deliver a laudatory address for Lorna Fandrich, while Guido van der Werf, Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, specialised in the connection between the carbon chain and climate, will do the same for Steven J. Pyne. Fandrich en Pyne will then give their speech of thanks. Next there will be an opportunity for questions to the award winners.

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