HR press photos 2021

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Kumsheen • Where two rivers meet
Lytton • Canada’s Hot Spot
Lytton Chinese History Museum before the wildfire
Lytton Chinese History Museum after wildfire
Lorna Fandrich
Lytton Chinese Heritage Museum 3D model
Stephen J. Pyne
Stephen J. Pyne • Fire in America, A Cultural History of Wildland and Rural Fire
Stephen J. Pyne • Strabrechtse Heide
Stephen J. Pyne • The Pyrocene, How we created an age of fire and what happens next
Stephen J. Pyne • Awful Splendour, A Fire History of Canada
Rain of Fire on a City • Konrad Schlapperitzin 1445
‘the whole world will be embraced by fire’ • Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur 1463
The Forest Fire • Piero di Cosimo 1505
Fire in the forest • Alexey Denisov-Uralsky 1897 • Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts
Blackfeet Burning Crow Buffalo Range • Charles Marion Russell (1864–1926) 1905
Chinese work gang on Canadian Pacific Railway tracks near Summit, BC • 1889
Chinese labourers at work on the Canadian Pacific Railway • 1884
Chinamen building pacific railroad • Beyond the Mississippi; from the great river to the great ocean • Albert Deane Richardson (1833-1869) 1867
Trophies Ranald MacDonald Awards
Ranald MacDonald • Monument Nagasaki