About the foundation

From the foundation charter

The foundation is called ‘Friends of MacDonald • The Dutch Connection’, in brief FOM NL. It is a sister organization of ‘Friends of MacDonald’, a Clatsop County Historical Society chartered committee in Astoria, Oregon, United States of America, in brief FOM USA, with a Tokyo branch by the name of West of the Sun, Tokyo, Japan, in brief FOM Japan.
The goal of ‘Friends of MacDonald • The Dutch Connection’ is to advance our insight into relations between Asia, Europe and North America in the broadest sense, in particular by honoring and encouraging the work of young people in this field. The foundation tries to reach its goal by awarding the annual Ranald MacDonald Award to a true, good and beautiful first work by a highly talented artist or writer.
The foundation might, exceptionally, decide to honor an individual who substantially contributed to shedding light on the relations mentioned above.
The board of ‘Ranald MacDonald • The Dutch Connection’ form the members of the jury. Anyone is permitted to nominate candidates for the prize.


Jaap Buis, president
Fred Dijs, secretary
Frits van der Kooij, treasurer
Arie Rip, member


Frederik L. Schodt
Jim Mockford
Alice McQueen Yatabe
Masaru Yatabe
Esther Kerkhof
河元由美子, Yumiko Kawamoto
linguist and former teacher at Waseda University, Tokyo
who courteously translated these pages into Japanese

Friends of MacDonald • The Dutch Connection is a Cultural Public Benefit Organization (Culturele ANBI), registered in the Netherlands. The foundation is a nonprofit organization. The board members and advisors do not receive any financial compensation.

The annual accounts can be found here: 2016, 20172018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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